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Micropiles are small in diameter, high performance, high-tensile strength, non-displacement piles, usually measuring between 5-12 inches (114-400m). A typical micro-pile is comprised of a high tensile strength steel casting, rebar and grout. It is specially drilled and reinforced to bear most of its loading on the high capacity steel reinforcement.


  • Drilling and flushing

  • Withdrawal of drilling string

  • Insertion of steel reinforcement and grouting.

  • Completion of micro-piling


  • Micro-piles are generally useful when there are different ground conditions such as natural or man-made obstructions, sensitive ground with adjacent structures, limited access, low headroom and/or karstic geology.

  • Useful in replacing deteriorating foundation systems, for renovation of structures, to support structures affected by adjacent construction, for seismic retrofitting or in-situ reinforcement, including embankment and landslide stabilization.





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